On Oct. 31st of this year I had my first experience at playing a Gothic Wedding and Reception.  It was held in Aledo, Texas at Parson’s Table, a 100 year old renovated church.  The mother of the bride found my website, made an appointment for a free consultation, and booked.  That was several months before the big day.

I was so glad that they booked in advance because there was time to add many new appropriate pieces of Goth Music (both Classical and Contemporary,) to my already extensive repertoire of 300 pieces.  Most of the music for the prelude was played on Strings and Electric Piano setting.  The music for the main parts of the Ceremony was played on Organ setting.  It was very different and so much fun to play.  In addition to the Classical Goth pieces that the Bride and Groom picked out for the Ceremony itself, I did many days of research into older books of music to find Russian, German, and Hungarian music to play on strings.  The gypsy type music was beautiful on strings.  Anything in D minor or E minor worked great.   And of course, I played a few of Danny Elfman’s works such as “Jenny,” and “This is Halloween.”  Classical pieces were from composers such as:  Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Debussy, Godard, Mendelssohn, Orff, Saens, Schubert, and Offenbach.

I was very impressed with the detailed work that the bride and her mother did towards making this a magical, memorable event.  They made all the decorations themselves.  The bride’s mother designed, wrote the poetry, and hand made each program.  The programs were black and red, embellished with jewels on the front cover.  Just delightful.  Colors for the wedding were black and burgundy.  The bride wore a beautiful ecru, long bridal gown with burgundy colored beading in the form of roses on the dress.

I had a wonderful time, myself, coming up with an appropriate outfit.  I always…even with the traditional weddings that I play…try to match the bride’s colors as close as possible.  This time I found a long, black velvet dress in resale with pearl buttons up the front, lace collar, and puffed sleeves with a tiny embroided burgundy rose on lace on the outer part of the almost 3 quarter length sleeves.  I wore fingerless, black, lace short gloves.  Another accessory which worked nicely with my dress was a burgundy, rhinestone, cameo vintage necklace and earring set that I won at auction on ebay.  My husband, who is also my Roady and Manager, bought this for me for our July 4th wedding anniversary. I suppose you could say that my attire for this  wedding and reception held on Halloween  was… Vintage Gothic.  I had so many compliments not only on my music, but also on how elegant I looked…and compliments like that always make me feel good.

Everything about this wedding was tastefully executed.  Music, candle light, and good food made the night very dramatic.

Now, I have the music prepared and ready to play another Gothic Wedding.  This one was certainly a wedding and reception to long remember.

Sounds of Laura